Your New Head General Exploring the Benefits of Practicing Raatijaga in Everyday Life

Exploring the Benefits of Practicing Raatijaga in Everyday Life

Exploring the Benefits of Practicing Raatijaga in Everyday Life post thumbnail image


Raatijaga is surely an old process which has been transferred down by way of years of Indigenous folks. The training is centered around keeping our planet as well as its sources, along with respecting the other person and also the all-natural atmosphere. Raatijaga shows us to get conscious in our steps and strive for stability in all that people do. Let’s take a close look at what this process entails.

The Philosophy behind Raatijaga

Raatijaga is dependant on a viewpoint of regard, equilibrium, and equilibrium with nature. It is actually thought that many of us are connected to the property, pets, plants, and anything else by nature. Because of this we have to take into account how our activities affect others to be able to conserve a eco friendly romantic relationship with the environment. This consists of respecting the resources that range from territory, such as h2o and foods, as well as being mindful of how we utilize them to allow them to be enjoyed by future generations.

Procedures of Raatijaga

Raatijaga educates us to reside in harmony with one another and nature by training specific behaviours on a daily basis. These procedures include taking care to never depart any trace when going to sacred websites or harvesting solutions through the land being conscious of methods significantly energy you use avoiding wastefulness participating in neighborhood activities performing faith based rituals for special events respecting elders revealing expertise and acknowledging appreciation for all those which has been presented to us. By training these actions, it can be believed we could help to keep ourselves in harmony with the outdoors and each other.

The Part of Elders in Raatijaga

Senior citizens enjoy a necessary position in passing down understanding of Raatijaga from age group to era. They are responsible for instructing teenagers about the significance of located in equilibrium with the outdoors and offering them a knowledge with their connection to their ancestors and neighborhood associates. Seniors also provide help with how better to employ all-natural assets without depleting them or leading to problems for other people or wildlife at the same time. Furthermore, they are usually involved in producing spiritual events that recognize special events such as birthdays or anniversaries.


Raatijaga is undoubtedly an historical practice rooted deeply within Native areas throughout Canada And America. The notion program promotes us to regard one another and reside harmoniously with nature when you are mindful in our activities towards it—and each other—in purchase to maintain sustainability for future generations. By way of remembering seniors who pass down their information about this process, everyone is able to learn how wise to reside in accordance with it to ensure generations to come may reap its positive aspects also!


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