Your New Head General Improving patient care is one of the expert’s priorities David Woroboff

Improving patient care is one of the expert’s priorities David Woroboff

Improving patient care is one of the expert’s priorities David Woroboff post thumbnail image

Telemedicine is one of the tools in which artificial intelligence has a lot to say for creating new products that help provide better and faster patient care. It has come to stay in our lives, there are many, and among them, remote monitoring of patients stands out.
Although more and more advances are being made in this sense, it is still in a development phase, in which personalities such as David Woroboff have a leading role due to their commitment to the healthcare industry, big companies, and startups.
As a mental health and telemedicine leader, David Woroboff has also been at the forefront of renowned companies dedicated to optimizing virtual care. He knows that the requirements for enabling virtual care include advances in the technical ability to integrate patient data into the visit and the ability to streamline virtual visits in a care system.

Better quality in the service provided

Telemedicine has constituted a medium-range strategic objective, being an important resource as a guide within the system, follow-up, surveillance, and placement on the radar of the health system for many patients. But today, it continues to grow and expand its response capacity.
Having a specialist like David Woroboff within an organization allows us to improve the quality of the company’s products and services, improve customer satisfaction, and have a more stable product, process, and service. Operating costs are reduced by making processes more efficient.
Applying a Six Sigma methodology within telemedicine helps workers manage their time more, resulting in greater efficiency for your company and more productive employees.

A methodology that gives you efficiency

The Six Sigma expert David Woroboff explains that this methodology works through the use of two secondary methodologies; DMAIC, which stands for Definition, Measurement, Analysis, Improvement, and Control and which is used for DMADV and existing processes, and also for new processes which stands for Definition, Measurement, Analysis, Design, and Verification. All this is essential to offer a reliable telemedicine service.

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