Your New Head General Mr. Wade kricken Have The Specialization In Family Law

Mr. Wade kricken Have The Specialization In Family Law

Mr. Wade kricken Have The Specialization In Family Law post thumbnail image

As a veteran divorce, family law, and matrimonial litigator, he has successfully represented many clients in contested divorces and related cases. Divorce is not the only family law matter we can help with; if you need assistance with any other aspect of family law, please call us now. For his 21 years as an attorney, Mr. Wade kricken has focused on family law.

Mr. Wade PracticesDivorce, Child custody, AndFamilyLaw

Mr. Wade is a highly skilled attorney who handles matters concerning child custody, divorce, and other aspects of family law. He has a huge amount of experience defending clients in intricate asset division cases that include high-net-worth individuals, and he has represented hundreds of clients all around the state of Texas.

For The BestLegal Representation, ContactKrickenImmediately

Contact Wade Kricken right now if you’re looking for top-notch legal help. Practicing in both New York and Los Angeles, Wade kricken focuses on divorce and family law. Mr. Wade kricken has been in practice as an attorney since 2001, and his practice focuses on family law. He is an expert in all stages of the divorce process, including negotiation, compromise, and, if required, litigation.

Few RealizeDivorceIs Legal

There are a lot of individuals who don’t realize that getting a divorce involves the court system. Divorce includes more than two individuals coming to court and seeking divorce; there are many more factors to consider and procedures to go through before the marriage can be legally dissolved. Separation paperwork submitted to the court is the first stage.The petitioner must provide financial data for both spouses and any children involved in the case.


His extensive experience as a divorce, family law, and matrimonial litigator has allowed him to effectively defend a wide range of clients in high-stakes matters. After practicing law for 21 years, Mr. He has defended hundreds of clients from all throughout Texas, and he has extensive expertise Wade kricken defending clients in complex asset division disputes involving high-net-worth people.


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