Your New Head Service To ensure the proper functioning of the body, count on Dr. Erik Goluboff

To ensure the proper functioning of the body, count on Dr. Erik Goluboff

To ensure the proper functioning of the body, count on Dr. Erik Goluboff post thumbnail image

When you reach a mature age, or under certain very specific circumstances, it is advisable to go to a specialist in urology, such as Dr. Erik Goluboff, as a preventive and control measure, especially when some alarm symptoms appear.
More and more men are concerned about their health and care; however, compared to women, they are still a minority group. Going to the urologist when suffering from a problem related to the urinary or male reproductive system is essential to prevent diseases that can have serious consequences.
Dr. Erik Goluboff possesses knowledge about the anatomy, function, and diseases that may occur in the bladder, retroperitoneal region, ureters, testicles, adrenal glands, kidney, urethra, penis, and prostate; when diagnosing the conditions that can originate and recommending appropriate medical and surgical methods for children, adults and the elderly.
The specialist urologist Erik Goluboff covers different pathologies, low complexity, and other difficult to resolve that require diagnosis and treatment with other specialists capable of covering all areas of this discipline.

Ensures the proper functioning of the body

Visiting Dr Erik Goluboff must be done periodically to prevent and ensure the proper functioning of our body. However,some diseases are usually a reason for immediate consultation, such as blood in the urine, kidney stones, phimosis, incontinence, urological infections, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.
In addition, the belief that the digital rectal exam, which is performed in prostate check-ups, is painful must be disproved; which can be annoying, but it is a procedure that takes very little time and is necessary for a good medical assessment.

Better safe than sorry

The prevention of various diseases, such as cancer, does not present the last symptoms for the suspicion of its existence. For this reason, urological check-ups with Dr. Erik Goluboff are very important, and not only for those with a family history, who, in that case, will have to start check-ups at an earlier age.
Normally, a man does not need to visit a urologist until he is 50. Once he reaches this age, it is recommended that he have annual check-ups to prevent prostate cancer, one of the most common.

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